Something Had to Give

It’s odd. The very thing that was the catalyst to write a book on event and festival management – my blog – is what took a backseat during the last 12 months. I simply ran out time while writing what started out to be one book but ended up being a book and a resource…

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These Should be the Features You Want

It's not unusual for festival organizers to want to offer their customers more options than a single or multi-day ticket. Quite often they also want to package a group of event tickets into a festival pass. Finding an online ticketing vendor with this capability may be challenging. Some food, wine, beer, film and music festivals…

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How to Market a Summer Festival with a Limited Budget

Breaking it Down with this List of Best Practices Summer calendars are filled with beer, wine, food, music and literary festivals of all types, plus air shows. This list of best practices to promote and market summer festivals is designed  to help drive attendance, especially those with smaller marketing budgets. 1. Festival Talent - Traditional…

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What Happens When You Don’t Ask for Volunteer Help

So what happens when the guy who is overseeing your event’s site (city park or venue), doesn’t make the time to meet with the volunteer coordinator? The worse case scenario is all the volunteer floaters are shifted to his needs. Volunteers can potentially be pulled from other areas too. So in essence, committee members who…

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Surprising Statistics – Mobile Devices + Online Purchases

According to comScore, although 60% of all browsing happens on mobile devices only 15% of online purchases are made on mobile. Think shopping versus buying. According to the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School's marketing professor emeritus Stephen J. Hoch, shopping behavior mirrors gender differences throughout many aspects of life. “Women think of shopping in…

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Best Social Media Practices for Festivals & Events

Geared toward festival organizers, these "Best Social Media Practices for Festivals and Events" were designed to illustrate when and how event planners could use social media to communicate news about their festival, sponsors, entertainment, ticket sales, merchandise, concessions, etc., and to engage customers and potential volunteers. Official Announcements - As festival ticket sales, talent or…

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The Secret to Finding Good Event Volunteers is

...providing them a detailed roadmap of their responsibilities. In this way, they'll know exactly what it is you as the festival or event chairman or sub-committee chairman expect. It's easier to commit to do something if you know what is required.
 This job description should cover the event from start to finish and answer typical…

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