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Question: How did author Lynn Fuhler narrow down the vast number of examples in her board leadership book to only 85?

Answer: Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchkicker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” tells us that 42 is the answer to “What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?” 

Lynn would argue – except nonprofits – and why this book contains 85 examples.

... insightful and entertaining to the end

As the child of a salesman, I acquired an innate understanding of people – how they interact and the importance of relationships. After college, my skills were honed while working with nonprofits and serving on boards of directors.

The sheer volume of nonprofits in the United States, the diverse types of organizations, the revered – and sometimes reviled – leadership styles of management and the tremendous amount of volunteers involved in board and community service provide a wealth of examples, lessons and stories worth sharing.

With each new board member, the board’s dynamics, function and dysfunction shift and the subject matter for this topic grow exponentially.  

It’s safe to say that most are less inclined to hear the good things a board does. Many are drawn to the tawdry and salacious news when a board does dumb things.

Get ready because Lynn has some stories to tell, and government-appointed boards aren’t off the hook either. Her goal is to help you avoid the mistakes of others.

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