Sharing Festival Insights

With a casual matter-of-fact style, Lynn’s engaging “conversations” with her audiences are sprinkled with examples of been-there-done-that experiences.

  • How to Revitalize Downtowns with Events
  • What’s Involved in Starting a New Event (or Making an Existing Event Better)
  • How to Stretch Your Marketing Dollars by Getting Others to Promote Your Event for You
  • Avoid Common Event Problems and Pitfalls
  • How to Grow Your Audience to Include Visitors from Outside Your Area
  • How to Find Great Volunteers
  • How to Solicit Sponsors and What to Do Once You Have Them
  • How to Maximize Your Vendor Relationships

Speaking Engagements

South Carolina Federation of Museums Logo


• NC Craft Brewers Annual Conference

• South Carolina Nature Based Tourism Annual Conference

 • North Carolina Festivals and Events Association, ShowFest

• North Carolina Main Street Conference

• South Carolina Federation of Museums

• Visit NC 365 Conference

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