Can You Keep a Secret? The Event is Private.

Every now and then you hold events that are closed to the public – by invitation only. There’s nothing wrong with that – only wanting those you want to attend. In fact, some more exclusive events are often the most sought after in town.

For some organizations, it’s a board-only event, a sponsor thank you party, an unveiling of your organization’s new logo or website, your event’s annual artwork or poster, the announcement of this year’s award winners or an exclusive group of potential donors being wined, dined and introduced to your cause.

While some events dictate the formal invitation, the R.S.V.P. or sign up process can be achieved online, saving the R.S.V.P. cards and cost of stamps.

Private events can be kept private so the rest of the world is kept in the dark. For those doing email invitations, this can be achieved in one of two ways: 1) send the invitation with a link that is the only means to access your event or 2) send the same invitation, but also require a password as an added layer of security. Those formal invitations can include the link address.

If you already have numerous events on your organizations online ticketing or registration page, make sure your private events does not display on the page by simply checking a box.

Yes…your secret is safe with us.


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