Cancelling a Festival or an Event

Cancelling a Festival or an Event

In this post:  cancelling a festival or an event – what’s involved? Are people willing to go out in their hometowns? safety concerns? health concerns for family and friends? generational interest in attending festivals and events? how many potentially would attend? when do people plan to travel? what do consumers expect to do in the next 3 months? … Read more

Fyre Festival – So Many Lessons to be Learned

I’m sure the Frye Festival held at Great Exuma in The Bahamas will go down as a case study on how not to do an event. It should also serve as a reminder to consumers that they need to do their own homework before purchasing event tickets. A word of caution:  most celebrity endorsements are … Read more

Surprising Statistics – Mobile Devices + Online Purchases

According to comScore, although 60% of all browsing happens on mobile devices only 15% of online purchases are made on mobile. Think shopping versus buying. According to the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School’s marketing professor emeritus Stephen J. Hoch, shopping behavior mirrors gender differences throughout many aspects of life. “Women think of shopping in … Read more

These Should be the Features You Want

Festival Pass Blog

It’s not unusual for festival organizers to want to offer their customers more options than a single or multi-day ticket. Quite often they also want to package a group of event tickets into a festival pass. Finding an online ticketing vendor with this capability may be challenging. Some food, wine, beer, film and music festivals … Read more

How to Market a Summer Festival with a Limited Budget

Summer Festivals on a Limited Budget

Breaking it Down with this List of Best Practices Summer calendars are filled with beer, wine, food, music and literary festivals of all types, plus air shows. This list of best practices to promote and market summer festivals is designed  to help drive attendance, especially those with smaller marketing budgets. 1. Festival Talent – Traditional … Read more

Why Promote Just One Event at a Time?

Online Ticketing System

Many events organizers want and need to promote more than a single event. In reality, they need to promote all their events, as ticket sales revenue is crucial to covering operating costs. Sponsor dollars only go so far these days. The thought of annoying customers by requiring them to purchase each event ticket individually is … Read more

Why Event Committee Chairs Need to Ask for Volunteer Help

So what happens when the guy who is overseeing your event’s site (city park or venue), doesn’t make the time to meet with the volunteer coordinator and ask for assistance? The worse case scenario is all the volunteer floaters are shifted to his needs, plus volunteers can potentially be pulled from other areas too. So … Read more

Can You Keep a Secret? The Event is Private.

Private Events

Every now and then you hold events that are closed to the public – by invitation only. There’s nothing wrong with that – only wanting those you want to attend. In fact, some more exclusive events are often the most sought after in town. For some organizations, it’s a board-only event, a sponsor thank you … Read more

With Waitlists – Make It a Sell-Out

Wait Lists Beat Standing in Line

Waitlists are a wonderful way to keep an event or activity full. They are geared toward events with a fixed inventory of seats, slots, bunks or a maximum number – say per instructor or per tour guide…things with limited capacity. Waitlists are the digital version of standing in line. If you want the chance to … Read more

Festival Organizers Swipe Away Using USB Credit Card Readers

Events organizers, staff and volunteers want and need the ability to process credit card transactions securely, correctly and in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone standing at the Ticket Office looking to purchase tickets, a guest at a museum reception desk wanting admission tickets, or festival-goers waiting at the event to buy … Read more

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