My ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours.

How we can work together to:

Strengthen your organization​

  • Creating functional bylaws and policies
  • Nominating capable leadership (board members)
  • Training leadership how to plan and lead
  • Building depth into the organization
  • Ignoring the desire to be all things to all people

Enhance your reputation

  • Increasing interest in board service
  • Improving customer/client satisfaction
  • Gaining respect within the community and among its leaders
  • Keeping promises to sponsors
  • Delivering consistently

Plan for the future​

  • Looking at the horizon and not the floor
  • Building realistic, sustainable expectations
  • Strategizing for now and tomorrow
  • Establishing sound financial policies
  • Preparing for difficult challenges

Grow your bottom line​

  • Cultivating new members
  • Developing retention programs
  • Raising the trust factor among donors
  • Diversifying your revenue stream
  • Communicating effectively


34 Years

Community Leadership
& Servant Leadership

39 Years

Nonprofits &
Quasi-Government Organizations

45 Years

Festivals & Events

A Lifetime

Engaged in Travel, Tourism
& Outdoor Recreation

We know because we've been there.

Through our coaching, project management and product development services, we assist businesses, nonprofits and quasi-government agencies – organizational management and leadership.

Other resources are author Lynn Fuhler’s two published books:

A Few Words from a Reader

A tour de force to be sure, Ms. Fuhler has pulled all the stops. Written in the author’s characteristic horse sense style, this tome neatly balances depth with breadth, humor with pragmatism. While someone new to event planning might consider this a must-have playbook, it is also loaded with value for a seasoned veteran as well – a roadmap to continuous event improvement.

“Secrets” has something for everyone, regardless of event size. A variety of event types are covered. Ms. Fuhler’s years of experience in travel, PR, and entertainment shine through. Particularly impressive, however, is her understanding – and nuanced exploitation – of digital media. How many event organizers even consider the role that a blogger’s “casual energy” could play?

Probably unlike most reviewers, I’ve heard the author speak on more than one occasion. This book reads like she speaks – clear and to the point. It is logically organized, efficiently cross-referenced, and very thorough, yet neither heavy-handed nor pretentious.
— Dale H.

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Cancelling a Festival or an Event

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How Long Before Events Can Return?

How Long Before Events Can Return?

In this post:  let’s return to the question, “How long before festivals and events can return to the new normal?” What can event planners do in the meantime? Follow CDC guidelines,

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