Finding Sponsors & Volunteers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this post:  the challenges in finding festival and event sponsors, hyper local events, non-profit and charitable community support, targeted strategies, sponsorships and why volunteers will be difficult to find.

I project that consumer event sponsorships will dry up in the near term and will be the last to return unless the event is hyper local and the dollars are given more as a show of community support. Businesses that are open and operating may be directing any extra revenue to help non-profit and charitable agencies meet basic survival needs such as food banks and homeless shelters. This would seem only natural as a surge in demand for these services will grow exponentially as homeowners and renters, loose jobs and employment benefits and are evicted.

Trade or industry specific marketing in the form of event sponsorships will allow a business to be in front of those that can potentially net the largest return and fastest recovery – be they wholesalers, sporting events or meeting planners. This very targeted strategy is long recognized as a way to grow market share during a down economy.

Who wants to hold an in-person festival and deal with altercations between those who will and won’t wear a mask? For many volunteers that’s above their pay grade and a photo of such an altercation is not the social media post or video any event organizer wants associated with his or her event.

Until the world can all be marching in the same direction with respect to safety, mask wearing, social distancing, vaccines and their deployment, festivals and events will mostly face headwinds. Stabilizing the economy will involve right-kind job creation, consumer confidence within our own communities, and government all working together.


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To obtain a copy of The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide, click here.

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