Naming Your Event – First Annual vs. Inaugural

Annual Events - Inaugural EventsThere are many event names that include the words “First Annual.”

Someone much older and wiser once suggested an event can only become an “annual” event if the event occurs more than once. Add the term “annual” during the second year, not the first. Instead use the word “inaugural.”

Stating your event is the “First Annual” puts a lot of pressure on any event organizer to succeed. It also creates a promise for a future event without any idea if the first one was well received.

From a purely pessimistic point of view, do you really want to put the word “First” in your name? It signals the event has never been done before, has no track record, no reputation and is unproven.

It surely would set an event organizer up for a long list of questioning from a seasoned potential sponsor who is regularly asked to dole out funds to any of a number of worthy causes. Many of those are non-profits agencies that have been in business for years and are well scripted in asking for money for a year-round cause.

As a sponsor, would you seek year-round exposure or exposure at an event for a limited number of days, possibly affected by weather and when the end product is at the mercy of an all-volunteer organization?

Kind or not, a “First Annual” event is like putting a target on your back only adding undue and unspoken pressure.

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