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“Research proves that foodies love food & drink events and will travel great distances for them. It is in a planner’s best interest to reach potential travelers if they want attendance to soar. Yet marketing food and beverage events to travelers require addressing a specific set of considerations that may not be fully relevant to local attendees. “Secrets to Successful Events” is required reading for any event planners who seek to grow attendance from anyone beyond the reach of their local market.”
Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association

“As someone that has known Lynn Fuhler from the early days of her career as an event planner, I have seen her learn first-hand the right ways — and the wrong ways — to run festivals and major events. She learned from the best, learned from mistakes, and became a leader in the field. She has been where you are headed and knows how to guide you when you approach the fork in the road. It’s all here in her detailed roadmap, “Secrets to Successful Events.””
Bob Andelman, Author: The Wawa Way, Fans Not Customers, Mean Business, Stadium For Rent, The Profit Zone, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life; Host/Producer:  Mr. Media® Radio & TV Interviews; and Publisher:  Mr. Media® Books

“A tour de force to be sure, Ms. Fuhler has pulled all the stops. Written in the author’s characteristic horse sense style, this tome neatly balances depth with breadth, humor with pragmatism. While someone new to event planning might consider this a must-have playbook, it is also loaded with value for a seasoned veteran as well – a roadmap to continuous event improvement.

“Secrets” has something for everyone, regardless of event size. A variety of event types are covered. Ms. Fuhler’s years of experience in travel, PR, and entertainment shine through. Particularly impressive, however, is her understanding – and nuanced exploitation – of digital media. How many event organizers even consider the role that a blogger’s “casual energy” could play?

Probably unlike most reviewers, I’ve heard the author speak on more than one occasion. This book reads like she speaks – clear and to the point. It is logically organized, efficiently cross-referenced, and very thorough, yet neither heavy-handed nor pretentious.”
— Dale H.

“I’ve known Lynn since our days working together in Florida’s tourism industry. Lynn has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, and event planners are the better for her having shared her insider advice in her first book – Secrets to Successful Events. But wait, there’s more … this companion Resource Guide takes her expertise a step further by including the tools and tips needed to excel at event planning. Lynn has provided easy-to-use forms and templates for each step of the planning process. Novice planners and marketers will find everything they need to get the ball rolling and put on a successful event. What a great service and time saver!”
— Wit Tuttell, Executive Director, Visit NC, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

“I was the special events coordinator for twelve Earth Day events in the 10th largest city in the country. I would have loved a book such as this to walk me through every step of the way. An excellent manual for a small or large event.”
— Jill Cody, Author:  America Abandoned

“As a school teacher who has lived in many communities, large & small, I have always enjoyed being an active part of that community and throwing myself into its varied life, especially when there’s a call goes out for its people to pull together in some common cause dear to the hearts of those who care about their community & wish to see it survive & thrive. As such, I often find myself involved in community events at some organisational level and have seen how it takes more than hard work & willing hands to make all the difference to a successful outcome; it takes careful forward planning, knowledge honed by experience, & genuine leadership & people skills to make it all work. A bit like life really.

I recently came across your new book, “Secrets to Successful Events,” and wanted to thank you for its clarity of communication style & perceptive analysis of how to avoid the many pitfalls of what is often a fraught endeavour by a community of volunteers. I actually found it a very easy & interesting read, & consider it as an excellent resource tool and a valuable guiding blueprint for future community events. It’s a very thorough, logical & practical guide to the subject; its coverage is certainly comprehensive but its presentation is concise, methodical & accessible to anyone at any level. And, although it was written from your American perspective, its coverage has universal application & is entirely relevant to other situations & communities, including those in my rural Australia.”
— JL, Teacher and Community Volunteer, Australia

“She has provided insight and detailed instructions on how to make event planning a success from the idea to implementation stage. She provides information on taking the concept of creating an event to how to seek support through sponsorships that will financially support your event. She explains how you are to market and provide public relations support to advertise and gain interest in those who would be interested in attending your event. She gives the reader expert advice on recruitment of volunteers to run your event smoothly. She underscores how to recruit vendors and entertainment that will draw maximum crowds to your event. Lynn is an expert in event planning and she has put all of her knowledge into this must read book for all.

Lynn Fuhler has provided the reader with all of the vital knowledge and resources to research, plan, and successfully manage any event.”
Dr. Steven V. Cates, Graduate Professor

“I know firsthand, having attended events all over the world, that they are one of the key reasons people travel. Every day we make arrangements for those desiring to experience festivals, especially those showcasing local customs, culture and cuisine. “Secrets to Successful Events” offers a comprehensive look at how to organize a festival or to make a great event even better, providing more reasons to make travel plans.”
Kendra Thornton, Owner/President, Royal-Travel.com

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