Ticketholders – Please Read the Fine Print

In this post:  ticketholders understand that with rain-or-shine events you risk the price of your ticket, if the event is cancelled.  Some event organizers hide behind that phrase when a single artist within a series of entertainers cancels. It’s sad that event organizers refuse to offer refunds when this happens. When consumers do not receive a product or service as promised, consumers can dispute the charge and the vendor risks the cost of the chargeback. Ticketholders should read the fine print before purchasing tickets to outdoor venues.

If you’ve purchased tickets for an event at an outside venue, please carefully read the fine print.

Like you, I equate that phrase to mean if the event is canceled due to rain, I will be out the price of my tickets. Even if the rain comes and goes, some events will continue but scale back and still hold the event. It will be a much more limited experience.

Event organizers who put on rain-or-shine events know that ticket sales will be predicated on the weather forecast a few days before the event. If sunny skies and pleasant temperatures are the outlook, ticket sales will jump sharply a few days beforehand. However, if the weatherman predicts less-than-perfect conditions with a bit of rain sprinkled on top, you can bet that those who held back purchasing their tickets now have an excuse not to buy and look for an alternate activity.

Rarely does one think a rain or shine policy applies to an artist (one of many acts) who cancels their performance. With most credit card purchases, if the product is not delivered or the service performed, a buyer can expect, ask for and receive a refund.

Single-day tickets may be new territory for an event organizer. Still, when event organizers hide behind a rain-or-shine clause when a single artist, among many, cancels, it hardly seems appropriate. Are the lousy PR and social media posts the event earns worth the negative publicity?

Wouldn’t it be easier to refund the money, knowing you can re-sell the tickets and it’s win-win for everyone.

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