How to Sell Tickets to Your Event – Overview

In the not so distant past, the answer would have been:

  1.  Promote to your existing database (previous ticket holders). The assumption was made that past ticket buyers were more likely to become ticket holders again. In some cases, this database included members when an organization had members or those who make donations.
  2. Place ads in the local newspaper and on the radio, cable channel and television stations.
  3. List your ticket office address on your marketing materials and on your website listing the ticket office hours of operation.

The old 80-20 rule applied then. An event would spend 80% of their promotional monies trying to reach 20% (potential new customers) and if working smart, would pay 20% to stay in front of their existing customer base.

The basic market segments still exist, but “how” they are reached is what has changed.

The question is, “How do you promote a first time event when there is an not existing database?”

We’ll address that in the posts that follow.

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