In-Kind Contributions Add Value

Often in-kind contributions aren’t given the attention they deserve. They significantly affect the bottom line of any event, whether a donation involves products or services.

The one challenge is these contributions often get lost in the shuffle. Event volunteers may use these items or services for their particular area and handle “the ask and thanks and appreciation” directly with their contact. The larger event planning body may not even realize what transpired only that Chris did a great job and didn’t spend her budget. When Chris is no longer involved, those freebies disappear creating a hard cost to the event if an essential item.

Treat in-kind contributions as if they have value. Let the donator determine the value of their product or service. Designate your treasurer or your sponsor VIP coordinator as the person to maintain the completed forms and the master list. Track the quantity of products and services, the total value and the number of people or vendors making the donations.

The worst possible thing you can do is treat someone’s company donation as if it has no value. Make sure to prepare thank you notes for your event’s chairman and the person who secured the product or service to jointly sign. After all, wouldn’t you like to know you could go back again next year?

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