Cancelling a Festival or an Event

Cancelling a Festival or an Event

In this post:  cancelling a festival or an event – what’s involved? Are people willing to go out in their hometowns? safety concerns? health concerns for family and friends? generational interest in attending festivals and events? how many potentially would attend? when do people plan to travel? what do consumers expect to do in the next 3 months? … Read more

Why It’s Wrong to Treat Your Sponsors Equitably

In the Event Business Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy for Just Showing Up Don’t try to level the playing field when it comes to event sponsors. An email arrived the other day and asked a question about the equitable treatment of sponsors. It seems that a volunteer was preparing an ad for the local newspaper … Read more

Or is it more than that? Is it actually time to pull the plug?

In its early years, the local community festival was a huge success. The crowds were big, volunteers readily signed on, sponsors waited in line and the event raised enough to cover its costs and then some. Excess funds were donated to a local charity. Fast forward…the crowds have dwindled for this once beloved event. Volunteers … Read more

How to Market a Summer Festival with a Limited Budget

Summer Festivals on a Limited Budget

Breaking it Down with this List of Best Practices Summer calendars are filled with beer, wine, food, music and literary festivals of all types, plus air shows. This list of best practices to promote and market summer festivals is designed  to help drive attendance, especially those with smaller marketing budgets. 1. Festival Talent – Traditional … Read more

Delivering on Promises Made to Your Sponsors

Your event chairman is likely to be one of the people involved in soliciting sponsors. However, as chairman, she has much to do to orchestrate an event. A smart chairman delegates the responsibility of handholding sponsors soon after they’ve sign on the dotted line…that’s not to say she won’t be hovering to make sure “her” … Read more

Creating In-Kind Contribution Forms

In-Kind Contributions Thank You

The best in-kind contribution form comes in two parts. The main portion should be given to the person making the donation, while the remainder should be submitted to the event’s designated contact (master list keeper). All volunteers soliciting in-kind contributions should be required to collect a completed form and return it to the volunteer building … Read more

In-Kind Contributions Add Value

Often in-kind contributions aren’t given the attention they deserve. They significantly affect the bottom line of any event, whether a donation involves products or services. The one challenge is these contributions often get lost in the shuffle. Event volunteers may use these items or services for their particular area and handle “the ask and thanks … Read more

Event Sponsorships Begin with the Right Kind of Leadership

How do you go from zero dollars and no track record to securing a sponsorship? As the old saying goes, “It’s easier to get money when you have money.” There are a number of factors that come into play: 1) Event Organizer CredibilityIf the lead event organizer has a reputation for being big on ideas … Read more

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