Lessons from a Bad Date Also Apply to Social Media

I think we’ve all lived this experience at one time or another. If not on a dinner date, then being caught at a party. You know when that little cartoon bubble over your head reads, “Someone save me.”  You’re polite. You nod your head. You smile. Underneath you’re dying to slip away because you’ve been caught in the crosshairs of someone who:

  • Is trying to sell you something you have absolutely no interest or need.
  • Is so self-absorbed in his or herself the entire one-sided conversation is about the person he/she looks at in the mirror every morning.


So how does this apply to social media?   If you are going to Tweet or Post, avoid…

  • Blatantly selling your product or service. If you want sell something, buy a sponsored ad.
  • Bragging about yourself or your business ad nauseum. Let others do that for you.

Let’s think about a date that you really enjoyed. Did that person ask you questions? Listen? Find way to tell connect with you and relate to the things you do and places you go?

Looking around the room at the party. Who’s drawn the biggest crowd? Is it that guy/gal telling stories in the corner with everyone laughing and participating?

With social media, tell a story. Make it clever. Tease “me” to want to know more.

If you’re an event organizer, tell me something personal about an entertainer – what inspired him/her to write a song he/she will perform. If the artist’s mom made her take accordion lessons, how does that relate to her musicality?

If it’s a food event, tell me about the job your headliner chef had when he was a teenager. Share his favorite spice and why. Can we take a peek at what’s inside his fridge at home?

What better way to get to know a craft beer maker than to know what kind of beer his dad drank and what brew he first sampled.

Have fun with it. Let me know how many wine corks were pulled at last year’s event.

Draw your customers into your event and make them feel like you’re telling the story just to them.

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