Event Organizers: It’s Time To Tackle Your Photo Library

It's Time to Tackle Your Image Library

It’s going to be awhile before full-scale events return. Event organizers can take advantage of the down time to tackle you festival or event’s photo library. If you’re like many event organizers, your media library probably includes a hodgepodge of images – some high and some low-resolution photos … the latter perhaps taken on a … Read more

Why It’s Wrong to Treat Your Sponsors Equitably

In the Event Business Not Everyone Deserves a Trophy for Just Showing Up Don’t try to level the playing field when it comes to event sponsors. An email arrived the other day and asked a question about the equitable treatment of sponsors. It seems that a volunteer was preparing an ad for the local newspaper … Read more

Payment Options for Online Shopping Carts & Ticketing

Payment Options for Online Shopping Carts & Ticketing

Of the several payment options available, the two most popular and easiest to get up and running are PayPal and Stripe. A third option, Braintree, is also very good. The latter was purchased by PayPal a few years ago, but operates independently. Unless your event is processing large volumes of credit card transactions, consider using … Read more

It’s One of the Most Frequent Questions Festival Organizers Ask

Most Frequent Question - Website - Blog

The conversation begins like this, “I need a website but I have no idea what to do. How do I go about creating one?” It’s helpful if this person is open to learning new things, receptive to technology and has the time available to understand the fundamentals and to oversee the project. An Overview and Definitions … Read more

How to Not Receive Free PR and Media Coverage

No Media Coverage Blog

It’s important that event planners watch and listen closely to what is and isn’t done and said. In particular, this would include interactions with outsiders. The tip off should be when a committee or team member complains that something didn’t happen. In recent months, a freelance travel writer shared that he’d reached out to an … Read more

Surprising Statistics – Mobile Devices + Online Purchases

According to comScore, although 60% of all browsing happens on mobile devices only 15% of online purchases are made on mobile. Think shopping versus buying. According to the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School’s marketing professor emeritus Stephen J. Hoch, shopping behavior mirrors gender differences throughout many aspects of life. “Women think of shopping in … Read more

Online Merchandise Sold Here: Shopping Carts

Online Merchandise Sold Here: Shopping Carts

If your event is looking to sell merchandise online, several shopping carts are available for WordPress. Probably the best free version is the plugin or extension WooCommerce. The shopping cart itself is free, but add-ons require a fee. For example, to access FedEx live shipping rates, etc. Some of the plugins for payment gateways are … Read more

The Combo Package: A Theme and A Page Builder

Blog Website Theme and Page Builder

The vendor Elegant Themes makes a WordPress theme and page builder combination named Divi. It offers a wide selection of themes and is a fairly good page builder. To access, Divi, a user will be asked to join. The fee is approximately $89. This gives access to all the Divi themes and plugins, plus the … Read more

Let’s Get Started Building Your Website Pages

Blog Website Page Builder

A page builder will make it much easier to lay out webpages. Several are available in the marketplace, but one named Elementor is extremely good. Like many options available today, it has a free and paid version. The free version includes many of the features most organizations need other than, in our opinion, the ability … Read more

So What’s This Thing Called WordPress?

Blog - Website WordPress

WordPress is a content management system. Its themes are pre-built, so it is fairly easy to simply add a theme and then customize your festival or event’s webpages providing you have a little website development know-how. Design templates will already exist with these out-of-the box options. Of the themes available in the marketplace, make sure … Read more

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