Maximizing Non-Profit Membership Relationships

The fire that fuels many non-profits is its membership. Providing members something otherwise inaccessible is what defines the inner circle from the outer circle. I’m special. You’re not. Be special. Be a member.

Q. But how does this translate operationally when it comes to event ticketing and registration?

A. Simple. Create promotion codes, which really can be nothing more than each member’s membership number.

When you have a sizable member roster and plenty of summer interns, you might consider old-fashioned data entry. But then someone will need to proof it to make sure it is accurate.

Let’s do it the easy way – upload your membership numbers (promo codes) – into your online ticketing or registration system. Save manual entries for a handful of last minute joiners looking to take advantage of the discount.

Then send out an email invitation to your members using your online ticketing or registration to promote the special event, conference, class, camp, movie, concert, etc. To receive this discounted rate, ask members to enter “their” promo code (member ID).

While you most likely will not find your membership department dancing in the hallway, they will enjoy the ability to see reports showing which members participated.

To learn more about event and festival management, check out “Secrets to Successful Events:  How to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and Festivals.” For those with event planning experience, consider, “Secrets to Successful Events Resource Guide: 42+ Easy-to-Use Tools and Resources.” Both are written by internationally known author and speaker Lynn Fuhler and are available on Amazon and at major booksellers.

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