With Waitlists – Make It a Sell-Out

Wait Lists Beat Standing in Line

Waitlists are a wonderful way to keep an event or activity full. They are geared toward events with a fixed inventory of seats, slots, bunks or a maximum number – say per instructor or per tour guide…things with limited capacity. Waitlists are the digital version of standing in line. If you want the chance to … Read more

Festival Organizers Swipe Away Using USB Credit Card Readers

Events organizers, staff and volunteers want and need the ability to process credit card transactions securely, correctly and in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone standing at the Ticket Office looking to purchase tickets, a guest at a museum reception desk wanting admission tickets, or festival-goers waiting at the event to buy … Read more

Maximizing Non-Profit Membership Relationships

The fire that fuels many non-profits is its membership. Providing members something otherwise inaccessible is what defines the inner circle from the outer circle. I’m special. You’re not. Be special. Be a member. Q. But how does this translate operationally when it comes to event ticketing and registration? A. Simple. Create promotion codes, which really … Read more

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