Let’s Get Started Building Your Website Pages

A page builder will make it much easier to lay out webpages. Several are available in the marketplace, but one named Elementor is extremely good. Like many options available today, it has a free and paid version. The free version includes many of the features most organizations need other than, in our opinion, the ability to create a great Contact Us form.

The paid version includes a Contact Us form, but other good and free form plugins may be an alternative. Try the free version of Elementor first and then, if needed, jump to the paid version. The cost is approximately $49 for a single site and $99 for three sites. The paid version also offers templates, which are pre-designed that can be added to a page. It may be easier to modify the sample template layouts than starting from scratch.



YouTube has a large number of tutorials on how to use this page builder.

Note that some themes include a page builder that cannot be removed. Be aware that using a theme with a built-in page builder may cause conflicts with Eliminator.

Contact Us Forms
One of the better free form builders is Caldera Forms.

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Let’s Get Started Building Your Website Pages
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