Outdoor Festivals – How the Height of the Grass Impacts Safety

How tall is the grass at your festival?  Seems like an odd question to ask, but with each quarter of an inch grass grows, so grows a festival’s liability. Grass height can and does impact the safety of festival goers, much like curb height does.

Imagine holding an event in a city park with a nice plush lawn. The city mows the grass on a Monday followed by a nice day of soaking rain on Tuesday. The added moisture gives an extra boost and allows the grass to grow before your event kicks off on Thursday night.

Think about the last time you walked on a plush bed of grass. Didn’t it have a rather cushy feel? Your weighted foot sits lower than the surface of the grass. Did your feet drag across the surface of the grass a bit with each step since your stride is above its normal glide, while your other foot sunk into the grass?

It may seem a bit silly, but these are the things that can cause accidents. Work closely with the city to make sure they do plan on mowing. Schedule the mowing based on the weather forecast. Keep it mind, when the grass is mowed will impact the installation of your sound and lighting tower and large screen TVs.

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