What Happens When You Don’t Ask for Volunteer Help

When You Don't Ask for Volunteer Help

So what happens when the guy who is overseeing your event’s site (city park or venue), doesn’t make the time to meet with the volunteer coordinator? The worse case scenario is all the volunteer floaters are shifted to his needs. Volunteers can potentially be pulled from other areas too. So in essence, committee members who … Read more

Or is it more than that? Is it actually time to pull the plug?

In its early years, the local community festival was a huge success. The crowds were big, volunteers readily signed on, sponsors waited in line and the event raised enough to cover its costs and then some. Excess funds were donated to a local charity. Fast forward…the crowds have dwindled for this once beloved event. Volunteers … Read more

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes

To better understand what your customers are experiencing, put yourself in their shoes during the event. The event organizer should ask team members to: → Walk the perimeter of the venue or stand in the back of the park → Walk through the crowd at different times → Engage your customers…a simple “How’s it going?” … Read more

What About Overnight Security?

Festival Overnight Security

If your event is like many others operating on a shoestring budget, paying for overnight security can be a luxury, as well as a necessity. A concession vendor’s contract should clearly state their equipment (especially those items left overnight) is brought onto the premises “at their own risk.” No one likes to walk into his … Read more

How to Pick the Right Overnight Security Firm?

In interviewing security companies, ask how frequently their personnel make routine walk-thrus. If they respond, “every hour or half-hour” that’s the wrong answer. The frequency is not the issue, it’s that it’s done at the same time. Predictable behavior is exactly what thieves want. Find out what methods are used so their staff members do … Read more

With Waitlists – Make It a Sell-Out

Wait Lists Beat Standing in Line

Waitlists are a wonderful way to keep an event or activity full. They are geared toward events with a fixed inventory of seats, slots, bunks or a maximum number – say per instructor or per tour guide…things with limited capacity. Waitlists are the digital version of standing in line. If you want the chance to … Read more

What’s the Answer to Crowd Control and the Mad Rush to Get Inside?

Perhaps not everyone has had this experience, but there are some events where crowds build before the doors open. New Year’s Eve parties are a perfect example, especially those where hors d’oeuvres, an open bar and buffet dinners are included. On your mark, get set, c’mon open the doors…. Guests most assuredly will be there … Read more

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