Something Had to Give

It’s odd. The very thing that was the catalyst to write a book on event and festival management – my blog – is what took a backseat during the last 12 months. I simply ran out time while writing what started out to be one book but ended up being a book and a resource guide. Both are now published and available at major booksellers including Amazon.

With both “Secrets to Successful Events: How to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and Festivals,” and “Secrets to Successful Events Resource Guide: 42+ Easy-To-Use Forms and Tools to Save You Time and Money” out on the street, I can now re-focus my energies and return to my blog.

One of the things I’m often asked by start up festival and event planners is “What’s involved in building a website?” It’s an easy question but the answer is a bit involved. For this reason, I’m devoting a series of blog posts on the subject. Stay tuned. I’ll be adding links to the items below as the blogs roll out.

For more information on this topic:
It’s One of the Most Frequent Questions I’m Asked
An Explanation: Hosting, Servers and Tech Support
What’s The Real Cost of Cheap Hosting and Its Impact on SEO?
So What’s This Thing Called WordPress?
Let’s Get Started Building Your Website Pages

To learn more about event and festival management, check out “Secrets to Successful Events:  How to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and Festivals.” For those with event planning experience, consider, “Secrets to Successful Events Resource Guide: 42+ Easy-to-Use Tools and Resources.” Both are written by internationally known author and speaker Lynn Fuhler and are available on Amazon and at major booksellers.

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