Put Yourself in Their Shoes

To better understand what your customers are experiencing, put yourself in their shoes during the event.

The event organizer should ask team members to:

Walk the perimeter of the venue or stand in the back of the park

Walk through the crowd at different times

Engage your customers…a simple “How’s it going?” is a great conversation starter

Stand in line to use the port-o-lets, like everyone else

Take off the headsets, giving the impression they are available to talk to guests

Stand in line to buy food and drinks and engage those standing in line

Team members should give the appearance they are available should a guest want to approach them and ask a question. Try to avoid the team being huddled together or being unavailable or inaccessible in a roped off, exclusive access area.

When team members are out in the trenches, it’s possible to discover things like,

Pesky mosquitos or no-see-ums….need to spray before tomorrow’s event

Why did we run out of toilet paper before 6:00 p.m.?

Why is Concession XYZ selling bottled water AND it’s cheaper than the Event Beverage Stand?

Why is the sound not working on the left side of the park?

Who is the guy selling glow sticks, he wasn’t on the approved list?

Get out in the crowd. Experience what your customers’ experience.

You, your team and your event will be better for it.

To learn more about event and festival management, check out “Secrets to Successful Events:  How to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and Festivals.” For those with event planning experience, consider, “Secrets to Successful Events Resource Guide: 42+ Easy-to-Use Tools and Resources.” Both are written by internationally known author and speaker Lynn Fuhler and are available on Amazon and at major booksellers.

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