What About Overnight Security?

If your event is like many others operating on a shoestring budget, paying for overnight security can be a luxury, as well as a necessity.

A concession vendor’s contract should clearly state their equipment (especially those items left overnight) is brought onto the premises “at their own risk.” No one likes to walk into his or her concession booth the next day and find equipment has been hoisted, so a little common sense is required. Every vendor should take simple precautions.

For this reason, if a concession has valuable irreplaceable equipment, urge them to bring in a trailer or van, for overnight storage, and move those items inside. If a trailer, remember to bring locks with short U-shaped necks (harder to cut off with a bolt cutter) and lock not only the trailer doors, but the hitch as well. Alternately block in the hitch end of the trailer so it can’t be maneuvered and moved offsite. Make sure there’s a back-up key just in case.

Event organizer, do your part too. Always raise all the concession tent walls and keep the all the lights on overnight to deter unwanted visitors. While ordering the tent(s), ask if you can “borrow” some extra light bulbs in case a few go out during the event.

With cameras readily available on smart phones, encourage each vendor take photos after set-up – inside and outside views. Also take quick shots each night before they leave. The next morning, if there are questions, the answer will be as close as their phone.


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