What’s The Real Cost of Cheap Hosting and Its Impact on SEO?

Blog Website - Real Cost of Hosting, SEO

What allows a cheap hosting company to be cheap? An oversimplified answer is the resources – the server processor, limited RAM (random access memory) and a shared server. When you compare processing power with other services, it’s more likely to be slower. The more RAM, the faster your website can pull information, for instance, photos, … Read more

An Explanation for Event Planners: Hosting, Servers and Tech Support

Blog Website Hosting, Serves, Tech Support

An endless number of hosting services are available each offering a variety of features – speed, back up or redundancy options, security protection, etc. A server doesn’t need to be located in your hometown. However, it should be situated in a safe place (think tornados, hurricanes, flooding, electrical outages, etc.) overseen by professionals who can … Read more

Don’t Forget the Mosquito Repellent + Marshmallows

Outdoor Festival Organization

This blog further explains how the basics of camping are similar to organizing an outdoor event. Water Is the campground water drinkable? Otherwise bring some gallon jugs from home. Bring some extra containers to transfer water from the community spigot so you can wash dishes. Is water readily available at your venue and is it … Read more

What About Overnight Security?

Festival Overnight Security

If your event is like many others operating on a shoestring budget, paying for overnight security can be a luxury, as well as a necessity. A concession vendor’s contract should clearly state their equipment (especially those items left overnight) is brought onto the premises “at their own risk.” No one likes to walk into his … Read more

How to Pick the Right Overnight Security Firm?

In interviewing security companies, ask how frequently their personnel make routine walk-thrus. If they respond, “every hour or half-hour” that’s the wrong answer. The frequency is not the issue, it’s that it’s done at the same time. Predictable behavior is exactly what thieves want. Find out what methods are used so their staff members do … Read more

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