Cancelling a Festival or an Event

Cancelling a Festival or an Event

In this post:  cancelling a festival or an event – what’s involved? Are people willing to go out in their hometowns? safety concerns? health concerns for family and friends? generational interest in attending festivals and events? how many potentially would attend? when do people plan to travel? what do consumers expect to do in the next 3 months? … Read more

How to Market a Summer Festival with a Limited Budget

Summer Festivals on a Limited Budget

Breaking it Down with this List of Best Practices Summer calendars are filled with beer, wine, food, music and literary festivals of all types, plus air shows. This list of best practices to promote and market summer festivals is designed  to help drive attendance, especially those with smaller marketing budgets. 1. Festival Talent – Traditional … Read more

Don’t Forget the Mosquito Repellent + Marshmallows

Outdoor Festival Organization

This blog further explains how the basics of camping are similar to organizing an outdoor event. Water Is the campground water drinkable? Otherwise bring some gallon jugs from home. Bring some extra containers to transfer water from the community spigot so you can wash dishes. Is water readily available at your venue and is it … Read more

Organizing at Outdoor Festival? Before You Begin, Go Camping.

Why on earth would you take a camping trip? For starters, camping* is fun! More importantly, the very basics of camping are much like organizing an outdoor event. The camping experience will put you in the right frame of mind to begin planning your festival. Keep reading… Camp Site You’re likely going to need to … Read more

What About Overnight Security?

Festival Overnight Security

If your event is like many others operating on a shoestring budget, paying for overnight security can be a luxury, as well as a necessity. A concession vendor’s contract should clearly state their equipment (especially those items left overnight) is brought onto the premises “at their own risk.” No one likes to walk into his … Read more

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