In-Kind Contributions Add Value

Often in-kind contributions aren’t given the attention they deserve. They significantly affect the bottom line of any event, whether a donation involves products or services. The one challenge is these contributions often get lost in the shuffle. Event volunteers may use these items or services for their particular area and handle “the ask and thanks … Read more

Event Sponsorships Begin with the Right Kind of Leadership

How do you go from zero dollars and no track record to securing a sponsorship? As the old saying goes, “It’s easier to get money when you have money.” There are a number of factors that come into play: 1) Event Organizer CredibilityIf the lead event organizer has a reputation for being big on ideas … Read more

Naming Your Event – First Annual vs. Inaugural

There are many event names that include the words “First Annual.” Someone much older and wiser once suggested an event can only become an “annual” event if the event occurs more than once. Add the term “annual” during the second year, not the first. Instead use the word “inaugural.” Stating your event is the “First … Read more

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