Delivering on Promises Made to Your Sponsors

Corporate SponsorshipsYour event chairman is likely to be one of the people involved in soliciting sponsors. However, as chairman, she has much to do to orchestrate an event. A smart chairman delegates the responsibility of handholding sponsors soon after they’ve sign on the dotted line…that’s not to say she won’t be hovering to make sure “her” sponsors are being pampered.

The chairman most likely has selected a multi-talented volunteer to be in charge of sponsor support – someone she considers an extension of herself and someone she trusts. We assume this person has diplomatic people skills, is well organized, readily accessible, capable of making decisions on the spot (AKA common sense) and has some understanding of marketing.

In a similar hand-off on the sponsor side, your sponsor support contact may now be working with one or more people down the ladder – the admin of the decision maker, human resources for volunteers and marketing for communication, logos, banners, etc.

Come event time, it’s highly likely you’ll be seeing the decision maker again, as well as everyone at the company working with the event. If the relationship was cemented and promises kept in a timely manner, they’ll be the ones smiling from ear to ear.


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