Why Promote Just One Event at a Time?

Many events organizers want and need to promote more than a single event. In reality, they need to promote all their events, as ticket sales revenue is crucial to covering operating costs. Sponsor dollars only go so far these days.

Paper and Smartphone TicketsThe thought of annoying customers by requiring them to purchase each event ticket individually is the last thing any event holder wants to do. It’s a time waster and at any point during one of those many transactions, the possibility exists the phone will ring or a text message arrive ending the next sale. Why create barriers to entry before the event begins?Should an easy solution exist?  Yes. When all events are showcased under one umbrella – even when events are held at one or more locations – it’s win-win for the event and the ticket buyers. The big bonus is when all tickets can be purchased in a single transaction resulting in reduced credit card transaction fees for the event organizer.

Unlike a shopping cart, selections should be able to be made conveniently from a single place versus bouncing back and forth between each event page. Alternately, some systems may require tickets be purchased separately for each event, requiring personal information and credit card data to be entered multiple times. Seek a versatile ticketing system where individual tickets are available for ticket holders to print for themselves and/or to send to family or friends, or to present as a QR code on their smartphone.

The umbrella concept creates brand awareness for all events. However, marketing and advertising efforts should have the ability to drive traffic to individual event pages or to a summary page with all offerings.

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