Cancelling a Festival or an Event

Cancelling a Festival or an Event

In this post:  cancelling a festival or an event – what’s involved? Are people willing to go out in their hometowns? safety concerns? health concerns for family and friends? generational interest in attending festivals and events? how many potentially would attend? when do people plan to travel? what do consumers expect to do in the next 3 months? … Read more

What Happens When You Don’t Ask for Volunteer Help

When You Don't Ask for Volunteer Help

So what happens when the guy who is overseeing your event’s site (city park or venue), doesn’t make the time to meet with the volunteer coordinator? The worse case scenario is all the volunteer floaters are shifted to his needs. Volunteers can potentially be pulled from other areas too. So in essence, committee members who … Read more

Or is it more than that? Is it actually time to pull the plug?

In its early years, the local community festival was a huge success. The crowds were big, volunteers readily signed on, sponsors waited in line and the event raised enough to cover its costs and then some. Excess funds were donated to a local charity. Fast forward…the crowds have dwindled for this once beloved event. Volunteers … Read more

Best Social Media Practices for Festivals & Events

Best Practices - Social Media

Geared toward festival organizers, these “Best Social Media Practices for Festivals and Events” were designed to illustrate when and how event planners could use social media to communicate news about their festival, sponsors, entertainment, ticket sales, merchandise, concessions, etc., and to engage customers and potential volunteers. Official Announcements – As festival ticket sales, talent or … Read more

The Secret to Finding Good Event Volunteers is

Finding Event Volunteers

…providing them a detailed roadmap of their responsibilities. In this way, they’ll know exactly what it is you as the festival or event chairman or sub-committee chairman expect. It’s easier to commit to do something if you know what is required.
 This job description should cover the event from start to finish and answer typical … Read more

Delivering on Promises Made to Your Sponsors

Your event chairman is likely to be one of the people involved in soliciting sponsors. However, as chairman, she has much to do to orchestrate an event. A smart chairman delegates the responsibility of handholding sponsors soon after they’ve sign on the dotted line…that’s not to say she won’t be hovering to make sure “her” … Read more

Need Volunteers for Your Event or Festival?

Wanted: Volunteers

Usually two levels of volunteers needed for an event or festival – those who play an integral part in the overall planning and those who are involved only during the event. Let’s focus on those needed during the event. If you’re lucky, your year-round volunteer coordinator for your festival or event is someone who does … Read more

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