Cancelling a Festival or an Event

Cancelling a Festival or an Event

In this post:  cancelling a festival or an event – what’s involved? Are people willing to go out in their hometowns? safety concerns? health concerns for family and friends? generational interest in attending festivals and events? how many potentially would attend? when do people plan to travel? what do consumers expect to do in the next 3 months? … Read more

Or is it more than that? Is it actually time to pull the plug?

In its early years, the local community festival was a huge success. The crowds were big, volunteers readily signed on, sponsors waited in line and the event raised enough to cover its costs and then some. Excess funds were donated to a local charity. Fast forward…the crowds have dwindled for this once beloved event. Volunteers … Read more

Why Promote Just One Event at a Time?

Online Ticketing System

Many events organizers want and need to promote more than a single event. In reality, they need to promote all their events, as ticket sales revenue is crucial to covering operating costs. Sponsor dollars only go so far these days. The thought of annoying customers by requiring them to purchase each event ticket individually is … Read more

Festival Organizers Swipe Away Using USB Credit Card Readers

Events organizers, staff and volunteers want and need the ability to process credit card transactions securely, correctly and in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone standing at the Ticket Office looking to purchase tickets, a guest at a museum reception desk wanting admission tickets, or festival-goers waiting at the event to buy … Read more

What’s the Answer to Crowd Control and the Mad Rush to Get Inside?

Perhaps not everyone has had this experience, but there are some events where crowds build before the doors open. New Year’s Eve parties are a perfect example, especially those where hors d’oeuvres, an open bar and buffet dinners are included. On your mark, get set, c’mon open the doors…. Guests most assuredly will be there … Read more

You Can Make a Difference

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still make a difference. Just ask Mae Holyoak, age 11, who began selling lemonade six years ago with friends. The goal then was to raise funds for Mississippi’s Natchez-Adams County Humane Society. The lemonade stand has netted approximately $18,000 for the humane society since inception. Pictured … Read more

Determining an Event’s Cash Flow

When your treasurer knows how to project cash flow, they create an invaluable tool to the event’s leadership, providing historical data is available and weather conditions remain similar. Not all pre-sales (merchandise and tickets), concession fees, etc. generate enough funds to offset the expenses of entertainment, sound and lighting, concession tents, trailers, telecommunications equipment, security, … Read more

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