With Waitlists – Make It a Sell-Out

Wait Lists Beat Standing in Line

Waitlists are a wonderful way to keep an event or activity full. They are geared toward events with a fixed inventory of seats, slots, bunks or a maximum number – say per instructor or per tour guide…things with limited capacity. Waitlists are the digital version of standing in line. If you want the chance to … Read more

Festival Organizers Swipe Away Using USB Credit Card Readers

Events organizers, staff and volunteers want and need the ability to process credit card transactions securely, correctly and in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter whether it’s someone standing at the Ticket Office looking to purchase tickets, a guest at a museum reception desk wanting admission tickets, or festival-goers waiting at the event to buy … Read more

What’s the Answer to Crowd Control and the Mad Rush to Get Inside?

Perhaps not everyone has had this experience, but there are some events where crowds build before the doors open. New Year’s Eve parties are a perfect example, especially those where hors d’oeuvres, an open bar and buffet dinners are included. On your mark, get set, c’mon open the doors…. Guests most assuredly will be there … Read more

Determining an Event’s Cash Flow

When your treasurer knows how to project cash flow, they create an invaluable tool to the event’s leadership, providing historical data is available and weather conditions remain similar. Not all pre-sales (merchandise and tickets), concession fees, etc. generate enough funds to offset the expenses of entertainment, sound and lighting, concession tents, trailers, telecommunications equipment, security, … Read more

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