Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes

To better understand what your customers are experiencing, put yourself in their shoes during the event. The event organizer should ask team members to: → Walk the perimeter of the venue or stand in the back of the park → Walk through the crowd at different times → Engage your customers…a simple “How’s it going?” … Read more

Get Connected with a Fans Page

A fan of an event or a festival often creates a Facebook public group fans page. This provides a way for him or her to feel more connected to the event. Many group pages invite others to join and contribute their favorite experiences, memories, artists, foods, photos, etc. As time goes on, the page creator … Read more

Devine Wine & Chocolate

While Hersey is known for its chocolates, travel several hours north to Montrose, Penn., to discover Chocolates by Leopold. The chocolatier creates gourmet treats, some flavored by wines from local wineries. The annual Chocolate & Wine Festival will held mid-May and celebrates the finer things in life. Area wineries, vineyards, bakeries, cheese makers and organic … Read more

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