You Can Make a Difference

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still make a difference. Just ask Mae Holyoak, age 11, who began selling lemonade six years ago with friends. The goal then was to raise funds for Mississippi’s Natchez-Adams County Humane Society. The lemonade stand has netted approximately $18,000 for the humane society since inception. Pictured … Read more

Determining an Event’s Cash Flow

When your treasurer knows how to project cash flow, they create an invaluable tool to the event’s leadership, providing historical data is available and weather conditions remain similar. Not all pre-sales (merchandise and tickets), concession fees, etc. generate enough funds to offset the expenses of entertainment, sound and lighting, concession tents, trailers, telecommunications equipment, security, … Read more

Creating In-Kind Contribution Forms

In-Kind Contributions Thank You

The best in-kind contribution form comes in two parts. The main portion should be given to the person making the donation, while the remainder should be submitted to the event’s designated contact (master list keeper). All volunteers soliciting in-kind contributions should be required to collect a completed form and return it to the volunteer building … Read more

In-Kind Contributions Add Value

Often in-kind contributions aren’t given the attention they deserve. They significantly affect the bottom line of any event, whether a donation involving products or services. The one challenge is these contributions often get lost in the shuffle. Event volunteers may use these items or services for their particular area and handle “the ask and thanks … Read more

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